Friend of the Court

for the

50th Judicial Circuit Court for Chippewa County 

Friend of the Court

Thelma S. Bosbous


Welcome to the Chippewa County Friend of the Court web page.  We hope the information being provided will assist you; however, please keep in mind that the information in this site is general in nature since each case is unique.


If you have questions regarding your case, the Friend of the Court staff is here to assist you; however, our staff is strictly prohibited from giving legal advice.  It may be necessary for you to seek legal counsel to advise you in your decision making process.


State and Federal regulations are always changing.  We will try to keep our web site information current and there may be times when the web pages are in the process of being updated.  If you are uncertain and have questions, please contact the Friend of the Court office.




Children are treasure chests for our hopes and dreams.

Their tender eyes are brightness and wonder in the world,

their hearts believe promises are kept.

Treasure and nurture the curiosity, adventure,

boldness and daring in every child.

Their precious spirit holds the future of dreams fulfilled in this millennium,

enabling us to see the invisible and to truly make a difference.

                                                                    (writer unknown)

picture of 2 kids