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Chippewa County Administrator's Office


First Floor, Courthouse

Telephone: 906-635-6330

Fax: 906-635-6325


The County Administrator carries out directives and implements policies of the Board of Commissioners relating to personnel and employee relations, budget and financial management, purchasing, data processing, grant funding, and other areas as directed.  The Administrator also oversees all County departments not headed by an elected official or under the control of a separate Board including Finance Department, Equalization Department, Office of Public Defender, Office of Emergency Services, Central Dispatch Center, Veteran Affairs, and Information Systems Management.  This position works with legal counsel on litigate matters.  Additionally, the County Administrator supervises financial, personnel and employee relations, and provides other administrative and financial support as directed by the Board of Commissioners; and acts as a screen for the Board.  This position is also responsible for the condition and maintenance of buildings and grounds of County owned facilities.  An Administrator of Chippewa County will not be permitted to hold/serve on committees/boards normally held by County Commissioners without approval from the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners.

 Administrator: Kelly Church

Administrative Assistant/Building Clerk: Cady Bauers

Maintenance Attendant: Orval Wollan

Maintenance Attendant: Scott Donaghe

Maintenance Attendant: Gary Christensen

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