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Drain Commission

Hakola-Ross Drainage District Only

Telephone: 906-440-5111


The Drain Commissioner is responsible to oversee the Chippewa County Ross-Hakola Drainage District.  The Chippewa County Drain Commissioner, is an elected four-year position.  The County Drain Commissioner has the responsibility to administer the state drain code, specifically and only for the County’s one drain district the “Hakola Ross Drain” located in Rudyard Township Town Forty-Four North (T44N), Range Two West (R2W), and Section 4 (S4).


 If you are having a ditch drainage issue please contact the Chippewa County Road Commission at 906.635.5295 or see additional information at


If you are having other drainage issues on your property, you can check with your Township to see if they have any zoning ordinances in place to help, but usually it becomes a legal issues between the two property owners.



Drain Commissioner: Anthony Stackpoole

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