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Administrative Office: Manistique

Telephone: 906-341-2144

Service Area Office 3865 S. Mackinac Trail, Sault Ste. Marie

Telephone: 906-632-2805

Service Area Office 114 Elliott St., St. Ignace

Telephone: 906-643-8616

Service Area Office 125 N. Lake St., Manistique

Fax: 906-341-5793

The Hiawatha Behavioral Mental Health Authority (previously the EUP Mental Health Service) was formed September 30,1997, by the Boards of Commissioners of Chippewa, Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties. The purpose of the Authority is to assist citizens of the three counties dealing with emotional and psychological stress. Anyone who is, or cares for someone who is, mentally ill, or mentally retarded may seek services. Outpatient counseling, prevention programs, case management, day programming services, crisis intervention services, services for the elderly, medication services, family support services, and respite care services are designed to help promote and enhance mental health. Self growth, improved awareness and achievement of the greatest possible human potential are goals that the agency works toward in all service areas. The twelve member board consists of four appointees by the three Boards of Commissioners for staggered terms. Three year terms.

Chippewa County Appointees

Member's Name

Ronald Meister

Jim Moore

Ivan Gable

Jennifer Hinde

Expiration Date

March 31, 2026

March 31, 2027

March 31, 2025

March 31, 2027

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