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Filing fee is $25.00 at the time of filing. Probate Court can accept cash, money order or check payable to the Chippewa county Probate Court.

If an estate is opened in another State, and the decedent owned real property in Chippewa County, Michigan, the Notice of Ancillary Administration and authenticated copies of the personal representative's appointment from the other State may be filed with the Chippewa County Probate Court.

After the Register of Deputy Register signs the Acceptance, the foreign personal representative may exercise the power of a local personal representative, including, but not limited to, the execution and delivery of a deed under and in satisfaction of a land contract for the purchase of real property in this state, a discharge of a mortgage, or a discharge of a security interest or financing statement or both, and may maintain an action or proceeding in this state subject to any conditions imposed upon non-resident parties.

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