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Probate Court - Open Safe-Deposit Box to Locate Will or Burial Plot

Filing fee is $10.00 at the time of filing. Probate Court can accept cash, money order or check payable to the Chippewa county Probate Court.

Forms included in this packet:

Petition and Order to Open Safe-Deposit Box to Locate Will or Burial Deed (PC551)

Safe-Deposit Box Certificate and Receipt (PC552)

Petition must be completed by an interested person in the county in which the probate court has jurisdiction and that the safe deposit box may contain a will or burial plot.

The Court will issue an order to permit the petition to examine the safe-deposit box in the presence of an officer of authorized employee of the lessor of the safe deposit box.

Only the will or burial plot of the decedent shall be removed from the box and delivered by the petitioner to the probate register or deputy register.

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