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Sheriff Tether/Work Release

The Chippewa County Sheriff's Department has a Tether and Work Program available for those who qualify.

To qualify, an individual must have a court order stating that they are eligible for Tether or Work Release.

Next, the individual must meet the requirements of the Chippewa County Correctional Facility and the Sheriff's Department Tether Unit.

To Qualify for GPS or SCRAM Tether:

  • Pass a drug test

  • Have $280 in commissary account

  • Have a place to stay in Chippewa County

  • Must have a phone available at all times

  • May not have any warrants for your arrest.


To Qualify for Work Release:

  • Have a job

  • Classify for Work Release with the jail

  • Be medically cleared by the jail

  • Pass a drug test

  • Have $150 in commissary account

  • Must provide a work schedule

  • May not have any warrants for your arrest

Drug and Alcohol Screenings Are Done at the Tether Office

  • Urine and saliva drug tests cost $20

  • P.B.T. breath tests cost $5

  • ETG urine alcohol tests cost $10

Court Ordered DNA is also collected at the Tether Office

Click Here To Make a Tether Payment Online 


12.3 Work & School Release Programs

12.4 Tether Program

The Tether Office can be reached at (906) 635-6392 and is located in the County Building along with the Sheriff's Department.

325 Court Street

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

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