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91st District Court - Community Service

The Community Service program allows convicted offenders to be placed in nonprofit agencies to serve a specific number of hours performing work or services within a given time frame. This is a sentencing option/condition of probation may be used as an alternative to a jail sentence or fines and costs to be imposed.


Community Service FAQs


Advantages to Community Service:

  • Value of probationers service to community agencies

  • Therapeutic effects for probationers (such as atonement)

  • Exposure to work environment

  • Reduction in jail overcrowding and costs

  • Symbolic compensation to the community

  • Reduced probation supervision caseload and cost


Places to Perform Community Service:


This list is not all inclusive, but may offer some suggestions.

  • DeTour area schools

  • City of Sault Ste. Marie

  • Area churches

  • United Way

  • Relay for Life

  • Kinross Community Center

  • Drummond Island Sportsman Club

  • Rudyard Township

  • Area cemeteries

  • Goodwill

  • Salvation Army

  • Chippewa County Animal Shelter


If you have a need for community service assistance or would like to suggest a placement, contact the Sheriff Department at 906-635-6392.

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