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91st District Court Facsimile Transmission Policy

Chippewa Probate and District Court Facsimile Transmission Policy

Pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 2.406, the Chippewa County Probate and 91st District Court adopts the following policy governing facsimile transmission documents.

1. The filing of documents by facsimile equipment is governed by MCR 2.406.
2. Cover sheet. A cover sheet provided by the Chippewa County Probate or District Court must accompany every transmission. The following information must be included on this sheet: case name, case number (not applicable for new filings), document title, and name and telephone number of sender.
3. No pleadings requiring a fee will be accepted for filing via facsimile.
4. Fees. No fee will be charged for facsimile transmissions.
5. Number of pages. No document will be accepted in excess of 7 pages, including the cover sheet.
6. Paper. All filings must be on 81/2 by 11 inch paper and the print no smaller than 12 point type (MCR 1.109). These requirements do not apply to attachments and exhibits, but parties are encouraged to reduce or enlarge documents if practical.
7. Hours. Documents may be transmitted via facsimile 24 hours a day. Documents received during regular business hours will be date stamped as filed that day. Documents received after hours, on weekends, or on holidays will be date stamped the next business day.
8. Originals. Documents filed by facsimile are considered original documents, except for Last Wills and Testaments and Codicils. Signed originals must be filed with the Court. The filing party shall retain the documents that were sent by facsimile as well as the confirmation sheet.
9. Signature. For purposes of MCR 2.114, a signature includes a signature sent by facsimile.
10. The Probate Register will establish a telephone number to receive Probate fax transmissions. The current number is: 906-635-6852.
11. The District Court Administrator will establish a telephone number to receive fax transmissions. The current number is 906-635-7605.

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