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91st District Court - Information for Kids

A Courthouse is a place where Judges, or sometimes juries, decide if someone has broken the law.















Ever wonder what's in a Courtroom? Courtrooms vary in size and location, but most courtrooms have some of the same things.


A Courtroom always has:

  • A Judge

  • Witness

  • A Court Recorder

  • A Bailiff

  • The Prosecutor or Plaintiff

  • A Defendant

  • Tables for Attorneys

  • Seats for the public

  • Seats for the jury


Before Court you should always:

  • Dress neatly and comfortably.

  • Don't wear shorts, ripped clothes, hats, hoods or sunglasses.

  • Eat a snack. Food and drink are not allowed in the Courtroom.

  • Turn off your cell phone.


What is the Judge's job:

  • The Judge is in charge of the courtroom. It is the Judge's job to listen to everyone and everything said in Court. Another part of the Judge's job is to know the law and decide if there is enough evidence to prove the law was broken.


Links for Kids:

The Mini Page

Going to Court

The Learning Center


Courthouse Trips:

The Court is open to the public for most hearings. There will be a posting at the door if the public is not allowed. The public is invited to visit anytime, and a Court Clerk can print you a daily schedule.

Schools are encouraged to call in advance for a scheduled visit. The Court tries to make time for a short personal tour, talk, and question session with students.

The Court also offers visits for special groups and annually hosts the Japanese/Sault Ste. Marie sister-city Ryou-Cho for a visit, tour, and photos.

Feel free to contact the Court Administrator for more information on bringing your group to the Court for a visit.


or call: 906-635-6853

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