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County Board of Commissioners Resolutions 2019

19-01 Requesting State Research and Action on Youth Vaping

19-02 Marijuana Use or Possession on County Property

19-03 Special Recognition Trooper Patrick Sliger

19-04 Special Recognition Motor Carrier officer Dain Brunet

19-05 Special Recognition of Barbara Fortin

19-07 Special Tribute Frank Sasso

19-06 Resolution to Revise Medicare Prescription Drug Bill of 2003

19-08 Proclamation April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

19-09 Special Tribute Honoring Ross N. Roe

19-10 Special Recognition MSP Trooper Jeffrey Rogers

19-11 Supporting HB 4227- Committee on Michigan's Mining Future

19-12 Special Recognition John Ferroni

19-13 Special Recognition Susan M. Wilds

19-14 Special Recognition Lisa Meister

19-15 Supporting the Michigan Launch Initiative 

19-16 In Support of EUPRPDC Application on behalf of the EUP Prosperity Region

19-17 Special Recognition of Kip Moeggenborg

19-18 Special Recognition Danette Rose

19-19 To Accept Investment Policy (Treasurer)

19-20 Imposing 2019 Property Tax Levy & L-4029

19-21 U.P. Area Agency on Aging 2020-2022 Multi-Year Plan for Services to the Elderly

19-22 Seeking Support for Sugar Island  Residents

19-23 Apportionment of 2019

19-24 Supporting Caro Center in Tuscola County

19-25 MERS Uniform 457 Supplemental Retirement Program Resolution

19-26 Margie Hank

19-27 2020 Borrowing Resolution (2019 Delinquent Taxes)

19-28 Support of Remedication of the Paradise Brownfield

19-29 Supporting Passage of Legislation to Adopt 4-Year Terms of County Commissioners

19-30 Amended Apportionment of 2019 Millages

19-31 Opting Out of the Requirements of PA 152 of 2011

19-32 Resolution Establishing Authorized Signatories for MERS Contracts and Service Credit Purchase

19-33 FY2020 Budget Resolutions and General Appropriations Act

19-34 Special Tribute Mayor Anthony Bosbous

19-35 Special Recognition Jaylene Berkompas

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