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17th Probate Court Cell Restriction

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Cellular phones and any other device with wireless communication or recording capabilities are not permitted in the Chippewa County Courtroom facilities.

Laptops: Laptops are permitted but cannot be used in any Courtroom without prior approval of the Chief Judge during a Court proceeding.

Attorneys: Attorneys appearing or presenting evidence may bring a phone into a Courtroom facility. Phones must be on a 'vibrate' setting and are only approved for use in a conference area or lobby space.

Absolutely NO CAMERAS or recording equipment are allowed in the Courtroom without express written permission of the Chief Judge. The only exceptions are wedding ceremonies. Persons wishing to record for news purposes must file a written request pursuant to Michigan Court Rules.

Transcripts: Persons requesting transcripts of a procedure are directed to contact the following persons:

91st District Court:

17th Probate Court:

50th Circuit Family Court:

Roxanne Bosley

Vicki Lewis

Shelly Brosco




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