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Probate Court - Deposit of Will with Court to be Held for Safekeeping

Filing Fee is $25.00 at time of filing. Probate Court can accept cash, money order or check payable to the Chippewa County Probate Court.

An original will may be deposited with the Probate Court for safekeeping.

The will must be enclosed in a sealed envelope on which the following should be listed:


The person that makes a will is called a testator. During their lifetime, the original will shall only be delivered to them upon proof of identity.

A testator may authorize another person to pick up their will for them by completing an Authorization to Release Will Held for Safekeeping PC548 which must be signed in front of a witness and notary public.

After death of a testator, copies of the will can be obtained upon presentation of the testator's death certificate. Copies are $1 per page. The original will remains in the court's possession unless the testator or authorized person removes it or an estate is opened.

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