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91st District Court - Small Claims

This court handles matters when the defendant lives in or the action took place in Chippewa County. The claim may not exceed $6,500. Attorneys may not represent the parties. You may contact the Court for additional filing instructions.

The Court is a tool that is available to you for settling disputes or establishing and reducing your claims to judgment.

You are responsible for locating the parties, determining your course of action, gathering your witnesses and evidence, and determining the defendants source(s) of income.

Collectability should be a prime consideration prior to starting a suit. There are often situations where a judgment is not particularly difficult to obtain, but the collection is difficult if not impossible. Situations such as welfare, unemployment, social security, and disability are not subject to garnishments.

While the staff of the Court will assist either party, the following must be understood:

  • Staff members are not attorneys and they may not give legal advice.

  • Judges may not and will not advise on matters they must rule on.

Filing fees:




It is recommended that each side file a written statement to include witness statements, photographs, and exhibits with the Court at least 2 days prior to your hearing. All documents must also be provided to the other party in the suit.

EUP Dispute Resolution Center

Small claims form and brochure

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