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91st District Court - Collecting Money on a Civil Judgment

If you sued someone for money and received a judgment against that person, you have the right to collect that money.

Q: How much can I collect?
A: The amount of your judgment plus any interest that has accrued during the time the other party pays
Q: How can I collect?
A: There are several ways to collect your money. Please note, the Court will not jail a defendant for nonpayment in a civil matter.

  • If the other party has the money and is present at the trial, they may pay right then.

  • If the other party does not have the money at that time, and you both agree, a payment plan may be established.

  • If the defendant is not present and a default is issued, the defendant has 21 days to pay the amount due.

  • If the defendant does not pay as ordered, collection will be up to YOU. You may use one or more of the following methods:

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