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County Board of Commissioners Resolutions 2023

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2023-01 Resolution for County Surveyor Records Depository and Accessibility

2023-02 Honoring the Michigan Association of Counties on its 125th Anniversary
2023-03 Special Recognition of Detective_Sergeant Steven Seccia
2023-04 Authorizing Telephone Surcharge for 911 Services 

2023-05 Authorizing Particiaption Opioid Litigation and Interstate Agreement
2023-06 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

2023-07 Appreciation of Melissa Pingatore

2023-08 Reopen The National Forest Service Chippewa County Campgrounds
2023-09 Opposition to Legislative Proposals on Establishing a Statewide Septic Code
2023-10 Imposing 2023 Property Tax Levy & L-4029
2023-11 Tentatively Approving Conceptual Understanding for Transfer of Hospital Facilities

2023-12 Resolution to Accept Investment Policy
2023-12 (Amended) Resolution to Accept Investment Policy

2023-13 U.P. Area Agency on Aging 2024 Implementation Plan
2023-14 Special Tribute and Recognition of Tammy Peyten
2023-15 Special Recognition of Dr. Terry Heyns
2023-16 Support Rebuilding of Nunn's Creek Bridge on DNR Trail #47
2023-17 Resolution Approving the Transfer and Sale of Hospital Facilities to MyMichigan Medical
2023-18 Recognition and Profound Appreaciation to the VSU and Chippewa County Businesses & Residents
2023-19 Resolution in Appreciation and Recognition of Cheryl Jones

2023-20 Opposing Any Legislation Preempting Local Control for Solar and Wind Developments

2023-21 Apportionment of 2023 Millages
2023-22 2024 Borrowing Resolution (2023 Delinquent Taxes)
2023-23 Supporting Operation Green Light for Veterans
2023-24 Opting out of PA 152 of 2011 Requirements
2023-25 Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Resolution and General Appropriation Act

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