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91st District Court - Criminal Bonds

A District Court Judge or Magistrate sets the bond amount on all criminal cases. Some minor offenses have a standard bond that has been set by the Judge allowing arrestees to post a bond almost immediately without going to jail. The amount of bond is determined by the degree of risk a defendant poses to the victim or society and the likelihood they will appear for future court dates.

Some bonds include specific instructions, or Orders, to include no contact with a victim, no bars ort taverns, no alcohol, or a curfew.

If bond is posted, the defendant will be given a report date from the officer or the jail personnel. If bond is not posted, the defendant will be brought before the Judge or Magistrate for the next available arraignment scheduled.

All assaultive cases require the defendant to appear the very next business day for arraignment, unless instructed otherwise by the Court in writing.

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